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“The FONEMZ Family of Products”

5. FONEMZ: Speak and Read Deluxe Combined Program

1. Felt FONEMZ (felt material) + 2Fun MAGNET (colored magnet material)

Digital Teacher’s Guide and FONEMZ Plus

(in Teacher’s Guide) All in Duffle Bag (Easel Not Included)

Product Includes:

  • Colorful felt shapes in two cases for Vowel and Consonant FONEMZ (sounds)

  • Digital Teacher’s Guide

  • FONEMZ Plus in Teacher’s Guide

1. Felt FONEMZ

Hands-on Word Building

Product Includes:

  • Colored Magnetic shapes in one easy to use file

  • Digital Teacher's Guide

  • FONEMZ Plus in Teacher's guide

3. Magnet FONEMZ

Features of Fun FONEMZ



Speak and Read Combined Program

Cost: $595.95

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