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Accent Reduction

English Learners, like anyone who learns a new language, are stymied from speaking the new words like a native, because their pronunciation of their own native language hinders them.  The older a person is and the more they associate their language with the same Roman Alphabet as English speakers use, the harder it is going to be for them to utilize a General American pronunciation. Their pronunciation of the alphabet sounds is different, especially with vowels sounds. It is desirable to remove the alphabet from the equation.  The presentation of the FONEMZ colorful shapes in conjunction with each sound, not only divorces the sound from the alphabet, and avoids focus on their old concept of speech sound production. With the presence of color and shape, the memory of this new sound production is visually supported by their right brain. Remember, sound and language registers in the left hemisphere of the brain and color and shape registers in the right hemisphere.

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