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Individuals / Groups

With an individual student or in a classroom full of students, FONEMZ will engage everyone.

Discover the transformative power of FONEMZ® Speak & Read - a versatile language learning tool perfect for learners of all ages, from 9 months to 90. Explore how FONEMZ caters to the unique needs of toddlers, children, teens, and adults, fostering language development in an engaging and effective way.

1. Teaching Individual Students

If an individual has extreme physical limitations or needs a lot of physical prompts, providing individualized instruction may be desirable. This requires that the teacher has time and can focus on the student's needs. Having more students in the room does not make this possible.


2. Small Group Instruction

Because social interaction is our ultimate goal when communicating with others, it is important to also allow time for the performance of speech and communication activities that involve peers. Social interaction has been identified in the (CSTP, 2019) as a factor that increases focus, enhances and solidifies learning. Having students work with a student partner allows for turn taking.  Each student can share the opportunity to be the “teacher” role. Healthy competition, with lots of success and positive reinforcement, enhances engagement in the activity.


3. Large Group or Classroom Instruction

Working with FONEMZ and the FONZABET with a large group is fun and involves everyone all the time. The key is to use explicit instruction and partnering. Explicit instruction is a systematic, direct, engaging, and success-oriented way of communicating with students. (Archer, 2011)

Refer to FONEMZ, Milestones to show the progress from introducing sounds to reading. 

  • Accessible Learning: FONEMZ caters to diverse learning needs at every stage of life.

  • Engaging Content: Interactive and enjoyable activities make learning a delightful experience.

  • Flexible Curriculum: Adaptable to individual progress, ensuring personalized and effective learning.

  • Holistic Language Development: FONEMZ addresses all aspects of language, from articulation to literacy skills.

Benefits Across the Ages:

Explore the age-appropriate wonders of FONEMZ and embark on a language learning journey that lasts a lifetime!

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