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FONEMZ Speak & Read: Speech and Literacy Learning Made Fun

The FONEMZ program is a fun evidence-based, multimodal, hierarchical approach to ​Phonemic Awareness, Speech Sound Production, ​Spelling, and Reading utilizes a different color along with a different shape to represent each of the phonemes in English.

FELT FONEMZ is an extremely effective and fun tool for improving phonemic awareness, speech sound production and literacy skills. Developed for young children because of its tactile quality and ability to use with puppets. Designed to draw children into an interactive FONEMZ activity, these sturdy felt shapes illustrate turn-taking by sticking to fibrous fabrics such as clothing and felt boards.


FUN FONEMZ allows for many different possible literacy activities and can bring a great advantage for making visual comparisons. Developed for students 9 months to 90+ years old, these laminated shapes introduce visual comparisons and the pattern of reading.  Can be used in pocket charts from left to right as with reading, on tables or as playing cards, the possible activities are endless.


Magnet FONEMZ are ideal for personal magnetic white boards and those in classrooms and hospitals. Slightly thicker and heavier than FUN FONEMZ, these magnetic shapes can be used in many of the same ways and in many of the same types of activities to improve phonemic awareness and speech sound production, and to emulate a syllable or word sequence.


  • Felt FONEMZ (felt material)

  • Fun FONEMZ (heavy laminated material)

  • Digital Teacher’s Guide and FONEMZ Plus (in Teacher’s Guide)

  • All in Duffle Bag 


  • Felt FONEMZ (felt material)

  • Magnet FONEMZ (colored magnet material)

  • Digital Teacher’s Guide and FONEMZ Plus (in Teacher’s Guide) All in Duffle Bag (Easel Not included) 


The FONZABET is a bridge between phonemic awareness and actual reading. This exceptional tool uses color, distinctive shapes & multimodal approach to establish a solid understanding of phonemic awareness. By combining the colored letters and sounds, learners can demonstrate sound recognition, alphabet recognition, and begin spelling and reading of words. Use with FONEMZ first. (FONEMZ and pictures not included)


The FONEMZ® Speak & Read App is a fun, interactive way to learn to speak, spell and read. With visual cues, learners of all ages can first master sounds individually, then blended in single syllable combinations, and then to words having three sounds. Soon, a student can sound out combinations of sounds to make any word! 

Available from Google Play & Apple Store: 

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