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FONEMZ Speak & Read: Tailored Learning for All Abilities - UNIQUE NEEDS

FONEMZ Speak & Read is a groundbreaking program designed to cater to learners of all abilities. Discover evidence-based multimodal approaches that enhance speech sound production and foster literacy skills. Whether addressing unique needs, speech and phonological disorders, or acquired physical disabilities, FONEMZ offers a versatile and engaging solution for effective learning.


There is copious research that supports incorporating multimodal approaches to facilitate focus toward learning to speak and read. We recommend the best practices for teaching and demonstrate various multimodal evidence-based approaches and tools that assist with learning for speech sound production and literacy skill development. Research reveals that visual, tactile, kinesthetic, proprioceptive, vestibular and other perceptual skills increases auditory focus and acquiring of phonemic awareness in persons with all types of unique needs. Since auditory processing deficiencies are left brain functions, it follows that the use of right brain functions with multisensory focuses will augment auditory perception by improving focus.  The FONEMZ: Speak & Read program uses numerous evidence-based multimodal activities to improve focus for all populations.

Unique Learner Needs

Groups Who Benefit from FONEMZ 

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