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3. Magnet FONEMZ

“The FONEMZ Family of Products”

Magnet FONEMZ are perfect to use on the magnetic white boards that are in so many classrooms, hospitals, and professional settings. This product can be used in many of the same ways and in many of the same types of activities as the Fun FONEMZ as well.


As part of the FONEMZ program, the magnetized colorful letters can be easily held upright to place in proximity to the face while the sound is being produced.

  • Compare for likenesses and differences.

  • Demonstrate the “Vowel Circle”, which is a comparison of each vowel to other vowels for jaw height and mouth shape (see Vowel Circle).

  • Place linearly, in a left to right format, to emulate a syllable or word sequence.

  • Associate with pictures and objects by initial, medial and ending sounds.

  • Use with magnetic pictures and objects that are readily available from many distributors.

Mastering Sounds & Letters - Transitioning to Spelling for All Ages


Once the student can build words with the Felt, Fun or Magnet FONEMZ, which happens quickly after she begins to recognize the FONEMZ combinations as specific sounds, the student can associate the FONEMZ with FONEMZ Plus and/or FONZABET letters. The relationships between sounds and letters can be clearly demonstrated by putting the FONEMZ Plus and/or

FONZABET letters under each of the FONEMZ in a word.


Older students can experience autonomy by controlling the sounds during warm up exercises in an articulation session. Target sounds in these instances can be combined with various vowels of the student’s choosing. Self-directed, self-reflective instruction facilitates student ownership of goals and solidifies learning. This self-confidence is critical for older students as it can carry-over into real world situations.

  • Colorful Magnetic shapes in one easy to use file

  • Digital Teacher’s Guide

  • FONEMZ Plus in Teacher’s Guide

Features of Magnet FONEMZ


Product includes:

Cost: $419.95

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