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“The FONEMZ Family of Products”

7. FONEMZ  Speak & Read App

Introducing the FONEMZ® app

Experience the joy of learning to speak, spell, and read through the exciting FONEMZ® app. We've created an interactive journey that brings language to life.


With FONEMZ, we make learning engaging and accessible. It begins with the mastery of individual sounds, progresses to combining sounds into single-syllable combinations, and soon students can decode any word. The App is a great way to enhance the FONEMZ experience.

The introductory app is available FREE from Apple Store & Google Play

Coming Soon! The complete version of FONEMZ: Speak & Read ...Including the FONZABET and more!

The FONEMZ App Revolutionizes Learning with FONEMZ® Speak & Read 

We recognize that not everyone learns best by listening alone. Visual cues, combined with speech sound production, can be the key to identifying and remembering sounds. FONEMZ uses distinct colors and shapes to represent the forty main sounds of Standard American English.

For All Ages:

  • Toddlers

  • Preschoolers

  • Elementary Students

  • Middle and High School students

  • Adults

FONEMZ offers benefits to diverse populations, including those with:

  • Apraxia/dyspraxia

  • Dyslexia

  • Phonological disorders

  • Deaf and hard-of-hearing

  • Down syndrome

  • Autism spectrum disorder

  • Aphasia

  • English language learners

  • Anyone with speech sound disorders

  • An Evidence-Based Learning Journey

FONEMZ is an evidence-based, multimodal program that enhances speech sound production, phonological and phonemic awareness, and literacy skills. We prioritize learning the sounds for effective speech over letter identification. Understanding that words are made up of individual sounds is at the core of our approach. In the FONEMZ app, we continue to explore FONEMZ®, building words and transition to the FONZABET®. It consists of color-coded orthographic letters and letter combinations, aligning with the 40 sounds of English, just like FONEMZ. This bridge makes it seamless to transition from spoken words to spelling and reading.

Features of FONEMZ App: The Magic of FONEMZ

What sets FONEMZ apart is how it guides you to decode words from left to right, a fundamental reading skill. Then, you effortlessly match the colored letters in the FONZABET to the sounds (FONEMZ) that compose the word.


The Introductory App is available FREE from Apple Store & Google Play.

Coming Soon! The complete version of FONEMZ: Speak & Read... Including the FONZABET and more!

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