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1. Felt FONEMZ - Hands-on Word Building

“The FONEMZ Family of Products”

FELT FONEMZ is an extremely effective and fun tool for improving phonemic awareness, speech sound production and literacy skills. Developed for young children, (~9 months through 3rd grade) because of its tactile quality and ability to use with puppets. Designed to draw children into an interactive FONEMZ activity, these sturdy felt shapes illustrate turn-taking by sticking to fibrous fabrics such as clothing and felt boards.

  • Improve focus using multimodal interactive activities

  • Teach turn taking

  • Allow students to feel in control of their learning

  • Used with individuals or a whole class for teaching sound symbol association

  • Used in isolation, syllables and words

  • Use with puppets is thrilling for young students

  • Can be crumpled and retain original shape

Felt FONEMZ utilize vision, touch and movement to:

Benefits of Felt FONEMZ

Place the target FELT FONEMZ on the shirt of the teacher.  The teacher makes the sound.  Then, when it is next adhered to the child's shirt, the same behavior/sound is expected. This becomes clear very quickly.

Teaching turn taking:

Another useful attribute of felt is that it retains its original shape even if it is crumpled.  It can, therefore, be placed within one's hand, in a container or in a puppets mouth and be smoothed out to its original form.

Puppets eat FONEMZ:

  • Colorful felt shapes in two cases for Vowel and Consonant FONEMZ (sounds)

  • Digital Teacher’s Guide

  • FONEMZ Plus in Teacher’s Guide

  • Duffle bag carrying case

Product Includes:

Cost: $295.95

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