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2. Fun FONEMZ - Hands - On Word Building

“The FONEMZ Family of Products”

Fun FONEMZ is a multimodal, interactive tool for phonemic awareness and speech sound production. Perfect for all ages, Fun FONEMZ introduces linear reading concepts in an engaging way. Created from laminated cardstock, this articulation tool allows for many different possible activities. Like Felt FONEMZ, Fun FONEMZ can be held next to the instructor’s face while demonstrating the associated speech sound, to focus attention on the mouth movement.

Introduction to Literacy Skills and Linear Learning

Introducing literacy skills is one of the greatest bonuses in using FUN FONEMZ in a pocket chart. The uses of Fun FONEMZ with a pocket chart are unlimited. Large group or individual activities are possible. FONEMZ can be put up in isolation or compared with other FONEMZ. By placing the FONEMZ on the chart linearly, in a left to right progression, the pattern of reading is introduced. Many basic concepts can be introduced and reinforced. Once the student can build words with the FONEMZ (see Milestones 4–5), the student can associate the FONEMZ with FONZABET letters. The relationships between sounds and letters can clearly demonstrate letter identification spelling and reading.

  • Colorful laminated cardstock shapes in one easy to use case

  • Digital Teacher's Guide

  • FONEMZ Plus in Teacher's Guide

  • Duffle bag carrying case

Features of Fun FONEMZ

Product includes:

Cost: $295.95

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